Opportunities & Services

If you are already involved in the coffee industry or if it is a passion of yours, you may see the potential that this fascinating project holds. Although we have been working at this for 10 years, really we are only at the beginning. 


There are many opportunities that have yet to be discovered.

  • There is a movement trying to pick up the pace that focuses on micro farmers like us. It lacks organisation and coordination. Everyone is marching to the beat of their own drums, including us. Is there a way to unite efforts? We are all ears.

  • Would you like to have your own little coffee farm? We can look at that.

  • We are hoping to have enough coffee to export this harvest coming. It would be small if anything. This brings an opportunity for some micro-roaster or coffee shop owner to introduce our fantastic coffee to the world in his area. Our main varietals, by the way, are typica, caturra and geisha. We are preparing bourbon and maragagype at this time.

  • Would you like to support our project? Donations are always welcome.

On the National Front / En la Frontera Nacional

On the national front we offer our great coffee in 2 varieties. Medium Roast which is a delicious blend of caturra & catuai or typica. You can order it online at this site or on Facebook. We have distributors in Penonomé, Coclé, Chitré Herrera, Las Tablas Los Santos and Santiago Veraguas. We are looking for distributors in Panama City.  If you would like to be a distributor, please contact us. 



We have incredible super automatic espresso vending machines. They are perfect for your office building or wherever coffee lovers are. We are very interested in placing them in adequate locations in Panama City. If you are interested please contact us. 


En el frente nacional ofrecemos nuestro gran café en 2 variedades. Medium Roast, que es una deliciosa mezcla de caturra y catuai o typica. Puede pedirlo en línea en este sitio o en Facebook. Tenemos distribuidores en Penonomé, Coclé, Chitré Herrera, Las Tablas Los Santos y Santiago Veraguas. Buscamos distribuidores en la Ciudad de Panamá. Si desea ser distribuidor, contáctenos.



Tenemos increíbles máquinas expendedoras de espresso súper automáticas. Son perfectos para su edificio de oficinas o donde quiera que los aficionados del café estén. Estamos muy interesados en colocarlos en lugares adecuados en la Ciudad de Panamá. Si esta interesado, por favor contáctenos.

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