Hard work pays off

We had to stimulate interest in the project. Alvaro Gonzalez certainly stood out as a man wanting to get ahead. He and his wife continue to show that same industrious spirit and determination to see this project through. Their efforts are fantastic and have done much to stimulate interest in producing coffee again and get these farms in shape.


A mill or beneficio was put up. It is small but effective. We have had great success with the wet process.


The quality we achieved has surpassed our expectations. Although, the altitudes of our farms only range between 1000 m – 1200 m our coffee has been Q-graded at 85.5, 86 and 87 points for 3 years consecutively.


The big challenges right now are to increase production and marketing.

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Who Are These Guys?

What is Alvaro's Café?


The formal name of the company is La Buena Tierra. Our coffee brand is “Café de Mi Tierra”. “Alvaro’s Café“ is how we want to be known in the marketing world.


We are basically a team of two. Our farm manager is Alvaro González a Panamanian local born and raised in the highlands of Zancona, Coclé. Damian Reed is a Canadian with almost 30 years in Panama. He manages the paperwork, promotions and marketing. They both do the roasting and packaging.


What is the Logo About?


There is an animated picture of a farmer we will call Alvaro standing in his farm. You can see he has his harvesting bucket full of fully ripened coffee beans. At the same time he is proudly offering us a cup of coffee with a big smile. This aptly describes what we do here. We do it all from the seed to the cup. That is real farmer direct.


What inspired this fascinating project?


Like so many coffee fiends in the world, Damian was looking for the perfect cup of coffee. In his previous travels throughout Panama, he came to know this part of the country. He was pleased by the excellent quality of the coffee, but totally dismayed by the absolute poverty in the area. Since then he wanted to do this project and In January of 2008 he put the plan in motion.


(for more detailed information on the challenges of this project please read The Reality of Producing Specialty Coffee on Tiny Farms)

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